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Wachau Landmarks

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Melk Abbey »The great cultural ensemble of Europe«. 

Being a big spiritual and cultural center for more than 1 000 years, the abbey is one of the famous works of the Baroque builder Jakob Prandtauer. Its terraces, imperial staircases, inner courtyard und ceremonial rooms can be visited on a guided tour throughout the whole year. The Abbey park and garden pavilion are open for tourists from May to October.

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Göttweig Abbey

While the western part of the Wachau valley is famous for the Abbey of Melk, another Baroque landmark - the Göttweig Abbey - is situated to the East. The Benedictine monastery was literally a place of encounters - guests who came unannounced were something usual for the monastery.

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Castle ruins Aggstein

In one of the most famous medieval castles in Austria one can experience the everyday life of the knights via a guided tour that leads over hidden staircases and courtyards, past towers and to the dungeon.

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Close to the Wachau you will find … 

Artstetten Castle

The castle was once an estate and summer residence of the royal family, and later on the final resting place of the successor to the throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand und and his wife who fell victims to the Sarajevo attack at the beginning of World War I. Nowadays, it is a home of the permanent exhibition "For Heart and Crown" - telling the truly diverse story of the castle.

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